Africa Union Long Term Framework for Managing African Soils

Soil Initiative for Africa(SIA)

The Soil Initiative for Africa (SIA) provides a long-term framework to guide investments and efforts to improve the health and resilience of Africa’s soil in all agricultural sub-sectors for the simultaneous benefits of increasing agricultural productivity, improving water availability, increasing agricultural resilience to the effects of climate change and other shocks, turning smallholder and emerging farming systems into profitable rural businesses for sustained livelihoods, supporting commercial farming systems to practice sustainable soil management and contribute their knowledge through technology transfer. Founded in the AU vision of “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the international arena”, the SIA Framework puts particular emphasis on the importance of Africa’s farmers and communities as champions of change and agents of Africa’s agricultural transformation in alignment with national priorities.


The successful implementation of the SIA at different levels (local, national, regional, and continental) would lead to a future for Africa in which:  


The mission and purpose of the SIA is the effective facilitation of sustainable soil management across all agricultural sub-sectors in Africa through..

Ambition & Rationale

To scale the implementation of science-based and locally adapted sustainable soil management practices and their impacts across Africa by taking a landscape ..


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